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Friday, 25 May 2007

Blueberry Cropped Cardigan


Yes, I know..it look like the Blue Sky Cropped Cardigan. It happen when I came across Green Apple , she have the Blue Sky Cropped Cardigan done few month ago and I love it. However, the actual pattern is knit with bulky yarn, which I can't wear it in tropical weather. I figure I could do a similar cardigan with different yarn, so I start off with a simple top down raglan increase and change to 1 x 1 rib when it reach the shaping. Basically, I work the entire piece by guess my way out, I don't even have to do any waist shaping at all, 1 x 1 ribbing do the magic. I used discontinue Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran for this cropped cardigan, it is a nice yarn to work on, but is a bit scratchy on skin before it block. I like the way it give a bit of weight but not too bulky, is just nice for the air-condition room. I glad it turn out exactly what I want, except the sleeve..I think it should be slightly longer.

Yarn : Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran
Yardage: 2 skein ( about 438 yards)
Needle : 6 mm

Monday, 14 May 2007


Last week, I came across Knitting Lingerie Style while I was shopping for my secret pal. I basically browse around the bookshop for an hour just to decide whether should I get the book or not...and I did.. I sort of convince myself that I deserve a birthday present from myself... I just can't resist the temptation, the book are full of beautiful and sexy knitwear..

The book are divided into 6 section, the bra, the slip, the corset, the camisole, the stocking and lounge/night wear , the most interesting part is on most pattern there is a brief history of particular style. I'm not sure I would knit any of the bra top, but definitely there are a few top I'm interested.

Here are some of the beautiful item that goes into my must knit list.. Talking about must knit list, is been awhile I update on any of my WIP and knitlist..which I believe I have two reason.

First, is the limited capacity of this weblog, I can't load too many of picture, unless I subscribe to the pay service.

Second, busy....(actually I'm too lazy and lazy..)

so here are my long wait list...

1. Clemetine Shawlette
2. Clapotis
3. more teddy bear
4. Tweed Cardigan - blocking

Must knit list
1. Apocalypse Hoodie 2
2. Noro stripy scarf
3. Rowan Biggy Print Shrug
4. Butterfly Shawl
5. Lady Eleanor 2 - scafstyle
6. 3/4 sleeve cardigan
7. Bell sleeve top
8. Bed Shrug
9. Lace Nightie
10. Fitted shrug
11. My so called scarf
12. Estole
13. Icarus shawl
14. Lace Hoodie
15. Fad- classic
16. Swing cardigan
17. Ogee lace skirt
18. 60's lace top
19. leaf
20. and many more....
yes, I know I'm greedy.

Wednesday, 09 May 2007

Lelah on vacation

Last weekend my company have organized a short trip to one of the Island - Redang Island, is actually is my 4th time there. The Island are really pretty and the water are crystal clear but the coral and fish are getting less compare to my first visit which is about 8 year ago, and Island is pretty unknown to the public. Now, the Island have become a famous holiday hot spot, and most of the coast line coral have been damage, is such a shame.


I finished my long due project - Lelah, before I went for the trip and.. of course, I bring along the top to the Island for a little show off... It is quite a straight forward pattern and knit up quick. I used about 5 skein of Rowan All Season Cotton, it turn out pretty good but if I have to do it again I'll choose yarn in much lighter weight so that the flare will look lighter. The only change that I make on this top is to extended the length..(I'm a bit concern about my tummy)...


Pattern : Lelah
Yarn : Rowan all season cotton
Yardage: 5 balls
Needle : 5mm