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Friday, 19 January 2007

Long Break

I'm back..but my head still floating from the long journey, long flight and jet lag. The flight going there are really awful as the flight have delayed for 4 hour due to the fog warning in UK, after 13 hour finally arrived in London but it took me another 4 hour driving to my in law place in Birmingham which normally only took 2 hour. I was so tired when I arrived at my in law door step, but at the corner of my eyes I see a little sunshine laying under the christmas tree..yes is a package from my secret pal.. thanks pal you saved my day !! she have send me some chocolate (which never last through the night) and some ggh yarn in beautiful deep purple.

As I having my delicious chocolate I spotted some really cute vintage ornament on the tree, it must been about 30 years..
Basically,we spend the next 10 day in Birmingham doing nothing but going to pubs with friends and family. The weather there are awful as wet, cold and foggy.
charming little pub in the country site, our favorite hang out.

After the Christmas day, we took a day trip to Matlock, a small county town of Derbyshire. The drive are really pleasant with the breath taking scenery.. we stop by one of the church not far from Matlock, to look at the grave of little John (character in the legend of Robin Hood)the church is on top of the hill over looking the whole valley, the view are fantastic but that day was so windy and it does feel creepy with the burial ground at the back of the church.
and check out this headstone...

We went straight to Barcelona -Spain after the New Year day, I must said it was the hightlight of our trip plus is the first time I heard my husband speak Spanish..he is my local guide.( I never believe when he told me he speak fluent Spanish..until now). I love the city, the people, the foods, the colourful culture, the small alley way and designer boutique.
We don't do much of the tourist spots this time, but we do re-visit the Sagrada Familia as my husband is the fan of Antoni Gaudi. I was quite disappointed with the progress of the work..is been 10 years since my last visit the church..and it still under construction, this must been the longest project in the world..still going after 80 years!!
Beside the construction, we don't like the new phase/work either, they are sort of move away from the original design of the church, the old part are more organic form which is signature of Gaudi's work, but the new construct work are cubism..?? which doesn't seem to blend with the design.
left: original
right: new addition

Paris is a total disappointment for me... the weather are wet and things are really expensive there..it cost more in Paris than in London, which I always thought London are the most expensive city in Europe but I was wrong !! We never do much of the tourist place in Paris either, except the night walk to Eiffel Tower. The last time we were here are snowing, the tower seem like cover with a layer of white powder and I thought is the most beautiful side of Eiffel Tower..No, is not. At night with the lights on the tower are the most magnificent and powerful structure that I ever seen, is simple breathtaking.
On my last day in Paris, I thought going to La Droguerie yarn store will uplift my mood a bit but it turn out, they are closed for the stock checking, believe me I was so disappointed and angry, I was kicking my husband in front of the shop. The only interesting place we found is the antique market, is huge market with all sort of old and new product, and old beads shop..

I do visit a few yarn store in London like John Lewis, Liberty and the Loop, mostly are Rowan stockist. I went to Spitalfield market insearch of the Iknit London yarn stall, but I give up after 10 minites.. I'm too tired to walk the whole market.
Overall I didn't do much yarn shopping for the trip, I got some Debbie bliss pure silk, Noro, Rowan kid haze and hobu mohair silk and some nice Swarovski crystal from Barcelona.
I was a bit worried about the luggage over weight since I brought lots of shoes and handbag. The last trip I paid 300 sterling pounds for excess luggage weight, so this time I have to avoid the excess. Anyway it is a nice break for us, just a bit too long..I feel more tired now than before the trip.